Saturday, 23 July 2011

Good Morning Cybertron's Very Own Blunghole Give Thanks To Everyone Envolved

Good Morning Cybertron's host Blunghole gives shout outs to every person envolved including myself as TFanPage101, I just wanted to say that I thank him for letting me be on the show that one episode and I hope the best for Good Morning Cybertron the number 1 Podcast on Podomatic

SDCC 2011 Footage Sneak Preview On Transformers Prime

San Diego Comic Con previewed a sneak preview on whats to come for Transformers Prime later down the road

Spoiler Alert reported that the character revealed is Unicron

Thursday, 21 July 2011

SDCC2011 Transformers Dark Of The Moon, Generations, And Prime Panel (

At the San Diego Comic Con, theres no doubt some fans will get a sneak peak in the future. Photos of the Transformers 2011 to 2012 Panel is now online at TFW2005 featuring plenty of stuff that BotCon didn't even show, check it out below.

P.S. the main reason why we are posting this here is because TFW2005 is having a few problums due to the amount of people viewing the site all at once, posting this here might settle down the traffic

All though you probably can't see to many photos, click here to see tons more

If you wish to see more click here

Transformers Prime Voyagers At The SDCC 2011 (Photos From

Here at TFanPage "Transformers Fan Page" we do not like to take credit for ourselves, These photos were provided by TFW2005, to read their article and to see more photos, click here

New Pictures and live shots of the Transformers Prime toys at the San Diego Comic Con 2011 are being viewed all over the Internet. Check them out below

The photos are only of Transformers Prime toys including the Voyager Optimus Prime, Voyager Bulkhead, Deluxe Vehicon, and Deluxe Cliffjumper 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Transformers Rocawear Exclusive T-shirt Designs

T-Shirt designers at Rocawear has created exclusive T-shirt designs with the theme, Transformers. Check the T-Shirts out in the photos below and check out this video if you want to and/or have the time.  

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Transformers: Prime Deluxe Class Starscream Review By Peaugh

Good Morning Cybertron: Episode 28

1. Intro

2. News

A. Rock Bottom Discussion

B. New toys possibly revealed at SDCC on Thursday

C. Animated rises from the grave!

D. Corbot Carnage Ax

E. Dark Iron

F. TFC Hercules Rifle

G. Spacepet

H. Infinity Warfare Part 2

I. Vector Zeta

3. Looky what I found

4. Reinforcements from Cybertron

5. Is collecting an addiction?

6. Listener questions

NZ Whiskey

Hey, if you had to only get one, would you get the maketoys or the tfc not-devy? I already paid for exgraver so Im obviously leaning towards that, but Id like to here what you think.

I remembered something I wanted to ask, when you transform a transformers, what sound does it make? Is it Kukuku-kiki or Chuku-kuki or what?

Ritampka via email
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7. Thanks for listening

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rumor: Transformers Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Class Figures For 2012, Wheeljack AKA Que And Mirage AKA Dino

Allthough some of us are getting over the fact that Wheeljack is Q or Que and Mirage is Dino, We still haven't really heard much of their toys except for the Transformers Dark Of The Moon Speed Stars Mirage. Well lucky for us, has reported from an anonymous member that the 2 figures may be coming soon in early 2012. No official word has been said about the 2 newcomers but at least hearing about the possibility is great and interesting

Mirage and Wheeljack were the newest character Autobots in Transformers Dark Of The Moon with the exeption of Brains and Sentinal Prime. The are both different from the rest of the crew. Mirage transforms into a brand new Ferrari while Wheeljack transforms into a blue Mercades.

For more click the link and check back here on our fan page for updates about them and much, much, much, much more

Paramore: Monster [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Bic Camera Exclusive Toy Dark Steel has new reports that has been said about the Transformers Dark Of The Moon Bic Camera Exclusive Deluxe Class Dark Steel released only for Japan. Don't worry for other fans around the world because the toy will have a 'International' Release for this toy called Dark Iron. The toy is a repaint of the previous Transformers Dark Of The Moon MechTach Deluxe Class Sideswipe with Starscreams Mechtech Weapons.

Giant Transformers Invade China, Just Kidding

Huge Robot Replica's of Transformers characters have appeared on the Construction site of a possible upcoming Transformers Theme Park. Well... Wait a Minute! Transformers Theme Park? For right now its just a rumor but hopefully these statues are at least here to stay. They are built out of what I think is recycled metal. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, and more are all there and some of the pictures taken are actually pretty cool, check them out here and please do comment 

This might be just a promotion but if its for a Transformers Theme Park then I have to go to China one day