About TFanPage

Originally, we had a page called Revive Jazz For Transformers 3 and Revive Jetfire For Transformers 3, we also have many other forgoten facebook sites. We decided to combine the sites and make Transformers Fan Page "TFanPage" on Augest. We started to see a rise in members so we tried to grow, we made reviews, fan videos, comics, and more. Transformers Fan Page became a main site 

Admin Brian Johnson, creator of the TFanPage logos and one of te major admins, created a Youtube while announcing Transformers Inception would come out soon and he needs characters, we really noticed the impact on fans when plenty of people wanted in. It had really suprised us when we got from 700 to nearly 800 in a week on our FaceBook page

We really enjoy helping the fans, now we almost have 1,000 fans and we will have our newest series Transformers Death In Destruction coming March