Saturday, 9 July 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander Wave 3 Released at Canada

According to a recent post by, Transformers Dark Of The Moon Cyberverse Commander Wave 3 Figures are now located all across canada. Congrates Canadians, now its your chance to get some brand new figures

Wave 3 Includes:
Hatchet, the largest, and most beast like of all Dreads.

Battle Steel Optimus Prime is back for more action

Each sold separately

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Cyberverse Commander Battle Steel Optimus Prime Review In Review Time By My Good Friend Islipcocoliso

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Cyberverse Commander Battle Steel Optimus Prime Review In Review Time By My Good Friend Islipcocoliso

Friday, 8 July 2011

Maketoys Giant from Build Series

The newest 3rd Party company, Maketoys, hasrecently updated their site with a sneak preview of the Giant from their new Build Series. Some of the photos are very blurry but I have tried to figure out which character originated from. This is a Not Devestator set with all 6 Non Constructicons forming a giant. He is looking good in my opinion

Shockwave514 From Youtube: "hmmm.... I like it, it looks G1 friendly. I saw the head earlier, which can use some work, its nice to know they all can become robots to combined mode then to vheicle mode which is nice. I think the movement on this figure will be loaded. If it has a cheap price i might get it, but Im trying to get G1 and Masterpiece Toys right now, but I would buy it if the price isnt to high. I would pay maybe 70 to 80 dollars on this figure, very nice"





Long Haul



Devestator With Bruticus (Size Comparison)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rumor: Transformers 4 Poster Arrives Early

There has been some speculation on Transformers 4 and if we are to get it, as if Transformers, Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen, and Transformers Dark Of The Moon wasn't enough. A brand new never seen poster were Ironhide9012 tagged me on facebook. Unclear of where it came from, the poster has many people specualating that it is in fact for Transformers 4, but so far its only just been a rumor. The poster, Ironhide9012 specualates, has a Cybertronian marking and a metalic feel to it, check it out below, also check out where he found it by clicking this link here

Ironhide9012: "Well would say it's somewhat legit,the cybertronian mark on the logo leaves me to assume that this is a prequel film taking place on cybertron,Rumors that bay Is directing it is very slim considering the fact that if this was a prequel,it would have to be almost all CGI"

They also say that Transformers 4 arrives 7.1.13 ( July 1st 2013 )

Transformers Death In Destruction Backgrounds

Enjoy the prototype background image


Custom designer of BCG Customs has created a new wave of figures with the all new Transformers Dark Of The Moon Custom Rainmaker Trio. Three seekers known to be called Rainmakers who have adapted the ability to change the enviorment by controlling some of the planets elements. Sunstorm, Acidstorm, and Icestorm each given their names of what element they can control including the element, climate, and weather patter. Now you can collect this exclusive set on eBay but quickly before time runs out, you only have till later today to collect all three customs in one eBay haul by clicking the link below, good luck and happy bidding

SMUToys Videos And Stuff: Burger King Kids Meal Transformers DOTM Flip-Out Toys Preview

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Transformers San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Toys Official Photos has reported many articles of the new Official Images for some brand new figures coming later on. Check them out below 

Poster: Transformers Death In Destruction

Transformers Custom Generations Deadlock custom by BCG Customs on eBay

 Deadlock is only on eBay for a short time now, get him quickly

2 Brand New Transformers Kre-O Commercial Spots (Last Bot Standing And Bot Stars)

The KREO Youtube Channel has premiered not one, but two brand new Transformers Kre-O commercial spot. Both take an average time of 1:00 and is animated into impreasive Stop Motion. You can watch both these fun, loving, and funny commercials right below. One is sort of a parody to American Idol while the other is made special for those wrestling fans, check them out right below

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

CA-03 Thundershred (Shrapnel) released this week

TFSource recently updated their Facebook Members that the Not-Insecticon-Shrapnel aka CA-03 Thundershred would be coming sometime this week 

"Great News: Fansproject has stated that CA-03 Thundershred should start shipping out sometime this week, therefore barring any delays should be instock next week! There is always a possibility for a delay, but granted things go as planned we can't wait to get this piece in and start shipping out preorders!"  

CSpray717 Evalution Collectibles Haul

Good Morning Cybertron Episode 26

Episode 26 now online, click the link and also watch some previous episodes

1. Introduction
2. News
A. Exgraver Gallery
B. Heartmaster Gallery
C. Encore Devastator Release Date
D. WST Sixshot images
E. Reprolabels Update...Holy Crap
3. Looky what I found
4. Reinforcements from Cybertron
5. Bayhem...perhaps for the last time
B. Space Case seen in the wild
C. Roadbuster and Optimus Redecos
D. Sentinel not Magnus
E. Cha Ching!
6. Listener questions

Rumor: Jason Statham from Crank for Transformers 4?

In a recent article by the showbizspy website, Jason Stathem from the popular movie Crank and Crank 2 is lined up and ready to take action if the possible Transformers 4 film comes to theaters. No official word has been said even if there is going to be a 4th movie instalment to the Transformers film series but if Steven Speilberg or Michael Bay chooses so to direct the movie he has a chance, we don't know who he plays but we will give you the updates when they come.

In the 2006 movie Crank, Jason Statham plays an assasin name Chev Chelios who was poisoned by his nemisis, the poison will kill him if his heart rate possibly drops 

The article is not to long but does also explain some news about Rosie and a bit of her love life with Jason, If any more will be said we of Transformers Fan Page on Facebook, Youtube, and/or Blogger will tell you

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