Friday, 8 July 2011

Maketoys Giant from Build Series

The newest 3rd Party company, Maketoys, hasrecently updated their site with a sneak preview of the Giant from their new Build Series. Some of the photos are very blurry but I have tried to figure out which character originated from. This is a Not Devestator set with all 6 Non Constructicons forming a giant. He is looking good in my opinion

Shockwave514 From Youtube: "hmmm.... I like it, it looks G1 friendly. I saw the head earlier, which can use some work, its nice to know they all can become robots to combined mode then to vheicle mode which is nice. I think the movement on this figure will be loaded. If it has a cheap price i might get it, but Im trying to get G1 and Masterpiece Toys right now, but I would buy it if the price isnt to high. I would pay maybe 70 to 80 dollars on this figure, very nice"





Long Haul



Devestator With Bruticus (Size Comparison)

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