Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rumor: Transformers 4 Poster Arrives Early

There has been some speculation on Transformers 4 and if we are to get it, as if Transformers, Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen, and Transformers Dark Of The Moon wasn't enough. A brand new never seen poster were Ironhide9012 tagged me on facebook. Unclear of where it came from, the poster has many people specualating that it is in fact for Transformers 4, but so far its only just been a rumor. The poster, Ironhide9012 specualates, has a Cybertronian marking and a metalic feel to it, check it out below, also check out where he found it by clicking this link here

Ironhide9012: "Well would say it's somewhat legit,the cybertronian mark on the logo leaves me to assume that this is a prequel film taking place on cybertron,Rumors that bay Is directing it is very slim considering the fact that if this was a prequel,it would have to be almost all CGI"

They also say that Transformers 4 arrives 7.1.13 ( July 1st 2013 )

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