Advertise With Us

Even if you don't want to advertise with us, we'd still like to Advertise your Page, Website, Youtube, Cause, Community, Blog, or even Facebook Page. All you need to do is contact us with a link to your website and just Email us at 

How We Advertise: 

- Online Store
Youre ad could be right on the side of our Blog and/or if your site is a store we could do a Newsletter updating followers what you may or may not have recently just put in stock. Aslo we will have full reviews written and on video saying "You can buy (Toy Name) at (Online Store Site).com" 

- Facebook, Youtube, and Blog  
We are mainly on Facebook, Youtube, and Blogger so you will be liked by us and still have an ad on the side 

- Wesbite and others
If you'd like we could advertise your website simply by putting an advertisement you want us to put a photo, when you click the photo you will automaticly be taken to that site, just try it and test it out by clicking an ad here on the side 

We do not take rewards for advertising, we just simply like to help, contact us at