Saturday, 4 February 2012

Toy Fair 2012: Kre-O Constructicon Devestator Revealled

Just when I thought we've seen enough toys, Friends at posted an ultimate preview for the upcoming Kre-O Transformers Constructicon Devestator as well as some other older stuff and confirmation on the Transformers Prime Leader Class Optimus Prime and Bumblebee coming soon 

Just note this is a early Prototype of the upcoming figure. If you can see not all of the figures have faces because it's unfinished. To be honest it's not the greatest looking figure, in fact it's probably the weakest of the Kre-O Transformers Figures seen so far 

We have Translated everything in English for you 

As some know, yes, today held the Nuremberg Toy Fair.
Of course, some in front of the NTF-team place. In the case of our Skywarp, Lucy and Philistines. Therefore, we can now bring you exclusive news TransFormers sector in Germany.

For one thing, with the bot shots, where we have already mentioned that there will be these little guys in Germany. Here is a picture of it 
Of course that was not all.
At Prime, we have also TransFormers news but bad news first to the First Edition Toys, which we actually thought of that, because they are not intended for Germany. However, the Prime RID Toys will be on sale in Germany. 
Here is a list of the things that will be available in Germany:
TransFormers Prime Battle Masks
TransFormers Energon Prime electronic helmet
TransFormers RID Prime Deluxe Toys
TransFormers RID Prime Voyager Toys
Prime double-action TransFormers Pack

TransFormers TransFormers Weaponizers RID Prime Prime Cyber ​​verses Legends
TransFormers Prime verses Cyber ​​Commander

TransFormers Prime Cyber ​​verses vehicle sets
Here are the pictures.

Which was not enough, we come now to the Kre-O Toys, which will also be available in Germany.

To write the list would take too long but there will be something new under the Kre-O's as well.
In the case of a Kre-O Constructicon Devastator, of the Revenge of the Fallen Devastator was modeled.

Here the pictures.

Some time ago we told you about times of an Optimus Maximus 

Again, this will be available in Germany.

And now a bad message for the fans Rescue bots.
The toys will not make it to Germany, if it creates the series is also questionable 

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