Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Good Morning Cybertron: Episode 28

1. Intro

2. News

A. Rock Bottom Discussion

B. New toys possibly revealed at SDCC on Thursday

C. Animated rises from the grave!

D. Corbot Carnage Ax

E. Dark Iron

F. TFC Hercules Rifle

G. Spacepet

H. Infinity Warfare Part 2

I. Vector Zeta

3. Looky what I found

4. Reinforcements from Cybertron

5. Is collecting an addiction?

6. Listener questions

NZ Whiskey

Hey, if you had to only get one, would you get the maketoys or the tfc not-devy? I already paid for exgraver so Im obviously leaning towards that, but Id like to here what you think.

I remembered something I wanted to ask, when you transform a transformers, what sound does it make? Is it Kukuku-kiki or Chuku-kuki or what?

Ritampka via email
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7. Thanks for listening

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