Monday, 18 July 2011

Rumor: Transformers Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Class Figures For 2012, Wheeljack AKA Que And Mirage AKA Dino

Allthough some of us are getting over the fact that Wheeljack is Q or Que and Mirage is Dino, We still haven't really heard much of their toys except for the Transformers Dark Of The Moon Speed Stars Mirage. Well lucky for us, has reported from an anonymous member that the 2 figures may be coming soon in early 2012. No official word has been said about the 2 newcomers but at least hearing about the possibility is great and interesting

Mirage and Wheeljack were the newest character Autobots in Transformers Dark Of The Moon with the exeption of Brains and Sentinal Prime. The are both different from the rest of the crew. Mirage transforms into a brand new Ferrari while Wheeljack transforms into a blue Mercades.

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