Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Images Of Armor Topspin Including Additional Photos has reported about new photos of 'Armor Topspin' the Topspin repaint. Its mainly just the previous Topspin in replacing the blue with the white and some new added logos like the actual Nascar Racer. Unfortanantly, because Topspin is an exact repaint, he has the same 'Armored up mode' used in the film which we still hope for either 3 Armored Up Wreckers or 3 normal Wreckers. Still, what a nice look for him.

Ironicly, Roadbuster gets 2 version of his toy form, one in green and one in orange, Green and Orange is the same as the Generation 1 version of Roadbuster. Meanwhile,Topspin also has 2 versions, one blue and one white, just like his Generation 1 self

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