Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Transformers Defend The Earth Downloadable App Available For IPhone4 / 3GS / IPAD2

A new app is now available to help promote the new Transformers movie Transformers Dark Of The Moon which hits theaters Jun 29th 2011.

The iOS app is called Transformers Defend The Earth ( TF3 Defend The Earth ) and its only available for the iPhone4 / 3GS / and/or iPad2. it seems pretty interesting, I haven't played it myself but this is the description which you can also view here:

"TF3: Defend The Earth is the first ever app of its kind, bringing a special edition of the Transformers 3 poster to life. Users simply aim their device’s camera at the poster activating Optimus Prime to defend Earth in an Augmented Reality game against the Decepticons. Players are able to share their scores and achievements on their Facebook profiles while geolocation allows players to find the nearest participating location where they can unlock the experience."

It is currently available in the, just click here to see

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