Thursday, 23 June 2011

Transformers Custom Dark Of The Moon Leader Class Ultra Magnus By Darkcave Customs

So Transformers Dark Of  The Moon is coming out in a week from when this article was posted and Darkcave Customs has done it again, making customs beyond wildest dreams. This time, he has recreated the legendary figure which we all remember, Ultra Magnus 

"Ultra Magnus is one the most iconic of the Transformers created in the 80's franchise. Not just his action figure but his movie/TV character was a personal favorite. I really enjoyed his character in the recent Transformers Animated series, where he took on a Robot and Alt mode very different from the one Optimus has chosen. I wanted to replicate that character design in this custom. A new custom made head, was essential to make this believable, IMO. For me, this head and weapon load out really say Ultra Magnus."

Truck Mode: I love how he recreated Sentinal Prime into the genaric character we know as Ultra Magnus. The Firetruck looks nearly similar in shape with the Animated Ultra Magnus modified in this firetruck style, I love the nice paint job and added custom logos 

Robot Mode: The robot mode is of course similar to Sentinal Prime but with the new paint apps and remolds its a fantastic new look, Ultra Megnus has a modified head, two new weapons, and a new applyable chest piece. The hammer is sort of a cameo from Animated and is believed to be the original Double Bladed sward used in the Hasbro version Sentinal Prime. With the chest piece off it looks good too, the gun I have no idea wher it came from 

Overall: You can try and get it on eBay right now, its got amazing paint details and applications that make this toy impreasive to show off and the modifications are amazing, this is a totally new look but with the same standereds that make this Ultra Magnus. Now you can buy him and quickly and to see more info is just in this link: 

 Brian Johnson 


  1. Wow! Nice repaint custom.. I wish this was for sell or if it was, it'd be pretty expensive.

    1. It is a good looking figure :D :D