Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Shockwave featured in New York Times article "Welcome to Chicago, Just Don’t Kill Us"

The New York Times article featuring Shockwave describes some of the development, and even some of the characters in Transformers Dark Of The Moon and has released an exclusive photo not seen anywhere but in that same article.

"Shockwave’s face is characterized by a single glowing red eye, which Mr. Farrar saw as an important part of the character’s design. “The eyes are critical and the mouth is critical,” he said. “If you can’t read those, you can’t understand what the character is doing or portraying. You have to read Shockwave through just the emotions of the face, almost like a silent-era movie star.” For this reason Mr. Farrar and his team sought to make Shockwave’s eye appear as real as possible, with a lens, a moving iris and a light inside that can oscillate."

Check out the photo they posted and read the full article for more just by clicking about right here and don't forget that Transformers Dark Of The Moon opens in theaters on June 29th 2011 in 3D and check back on this blog for more on Transformers and the Transformers Fans and the Transformers Community

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