Sunday, 12 February 2012

Human Alliance Soundwave, Que/Wheeljack, Leadfoot With Twin Twist, Soundwave All Cancelled, Why Hasbro, Why?

Yep, once again Hasbro has decided to cancel some decent toys. Wheeljack, Leadfoot and Twin Twist, Soundwave, Human Alliance Soundwave will not be seen in major retail stores. I am incredibly sick of Hasbro cancelling some of their good figures like the scouts of Reveal The Shields, Transformers Prime First Editions Voyagers Wave 1, and Deluxe Wave 2, and Animated Figures 

The Transformers Trilogy line will release Soundwave and Wheeljack soon even though their hasn't been much said except for the Optimus Prime With Trailer, but they don't look as good 

Hopefully they will show up in Ross or something like RTS Windcharger 

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