Monday, 13 February 2012

Gear Up For Transformers 4 June 29th 2014


Well your favourite bot bashing and smashing characters are back once more for Transformers 4. After the success of Transformers Dark Of The Moon bringing in over a Billion Dollars, it's time to have another go. reported about Transformers 4 that might be of your interest 

Question is, are you guys ready to have another go on Transformers? Will you see it in Theatres, or have you had enough Transformers. My honest response is that I hope this will go better then any of the films of Transformers currently out. What do you think, will it be better or worse then any of the movies previous? 

Also how do you think Sam's and Carly's relationship will change, what do you think Michael Bay will do to make it bigger? 

Update: The release date was announced for June 29th 2014, I can not wait 

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