Friday, 2 March 2012

Bot Shots Wave 4 And 5 (Epic Article Of The Week)

Ah, yes. For the first weekly "Epic Article Of The Week" subject, Transformers Bot Shots wave 4 and 5 announced. Bot Shots are these tiny little versions smaller then a Cyberverse toy embedded with a game and Transform activation feature. The gimmick is that When you take a Bot Shot figure and another Bot Shot figure, smash the together, they will automatically activate a feature and transform in a blink of an eye. After that, it's bassically a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. 

Wave 4 includes as listed in the photo, Movie Version Ironhide. From what I can tell, Ironhide has a spoiler in the back yet I can never recall a moment when Movie Ironhide ever had a spoiler but it doesn't look half bad. Powerglide looks increadibly iffy, I happen to love the character but it doesn't look to great. Jazz looks, as always, cool. A simple word but probably the best word to discribe him. Leadfoot looks ok but I'm not to happy with it. Optimus Prime is the new super bot chase figure. Its ok but I rather the first wave version. 

Wave 5 consists of Skywarp. Most likely an exact repaint of Starscream, another wave 1 figure, even though a repaint the seekers are probably the best Decepticon team, so I can't wait for him. Roadbusters' a little harder to note because the full color hasn't been finished yet, but it does make it easier to note the details, it doesn't look half bad. Dark Of The Moon Megatron, I'm not sure if I should get this one and wait or get the Wave 1 figure. It would be however interesting to see Bumblebee with a new Battlemask. And the Super bot chase figure is..... Shockwave. One of my favorite characters, Shockwave I can not wait to see, I am going to grab him as soon as I see him in stores.

Lots of new figures for 2012, hopefully we will see more in the future. Even though they have no articulation, it comes to reason given the fact that they are more of game pieces then anything. Still something to look into 

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